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bus seat accessories

Seat Fabrics

Urrja Bus Decor presents a premium selection of seat fabrics crafted exclusively for the automotive sector. Our diverse range boasts an array of designs and color options, spanning from classic to cutting-edge styles. Engineered with innovation at the forefront, our fabrics uphold exceptional quality standards. We offer value-added finish treatments to elevate the performance and aesthetics of the fabrics, ensuring compliance with stringent industry regulations and exceeding the highest expectations of automotive interiors. Whether you require fabric materials or pre-fitted seat covers, Urrja Bus Decor delivers tailor-made solutions to suit your needs.

bus window curtain


Urrja Bus Decor offers a captivating array of curtains that transform bus interiors into stunning visual spectacles. Whether harmonizing with the color scheme or creating striking contrasts, our curtains serve as pivotal design features. Crafted from premium-grade materials, our curtains boast permanent pleats, ensuring enduring elegance. For enhanced safety, the fabric can be woven with fire-retardant yarn, providing lasting fire resistance. Urrja Bus Decor curtains are customizable, available as fabric or ready-to-hang components, tailored to your specifications. Elevate your bus interiors with Urrja Bus Decor’s exquisite curtain offerings. Know More

bus body accessories


Urrja Bus Decor understands the pivotal role flooring plays in automotive interiors, particularly in the demanding bus market. That’s why we proudly present Urrja Bus’s performance-optimized carpets, specially tailored to meet the rigorous requirements of bus environments. Our needle felt carpets stand out for their exceptional durability and dirt-repelling properties, ensuring long-lasting performance even in high-traffic areas. Whether you opt for carpet materials or pre-fitted floorings, Urrja Bus Decor provides Urrja Bus’s flooring solutions customized to your needs, ready to elevate both the aesthetics and functionality of your bus interiors.

bus body accessories

Interior Trims

Urrja Bus Decor proudly presents Urrja Bus’s premium lightweight trim fabrics, meticulously crafted for optimal performance in roof linings and wall sides within bus interiors. Our trim fabrics are thoughtfully designed to harmonize with seat fabrics, curtains, and other ancillary trims, ensuring seamless coordination throughout the space. Engineered for durability and effortless maintenance, these trim fabrics promise long-lasting serviceability and easy cleanability. Whether you prefer fabric materials or pre-assembled trim components, Urrja Bus Decor offers Urrja Bus trims tailored to your specific requirements, ready to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of your bus interiors.