Urrja Bus Decor

Urrja Bus Decor


Urrja Bus decor – pleated / folding curtain curtains are made from best quality fabrics and is processed uniquely so as to create everlasting pleats , that being so the maintenance of the curtains for the bus operator becomes much easier, as even after multiple wash the pleats are retained and ironing of these curtains is not required.The long lasting pleats helps create crisp and clean aesthetics for the bus interiors , making the bus journey for the end user more comfortable. The biggest advantage of the pleated curtain is that after folding the curtain requires very little space and thus increases the viewing from the window and does not hinder in the seating space of the bus travellers and makes the journey more comfortable for them.

Our curtains can be customised as per your requirement of length, height and size of folding and we have a wide array of designs and colour options for you to match your bus interior solution.

Our curtains are made from cloth that has been approved by Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) as being Fire Resistant grade curtains and adheres to ARAI AIS:052 and UN-ECE-R118 App. 7 & 8 standard. Along with this we customise our curtains to be dust free & water repellent .In the current pandemic times , safety of the end user is of utmost importance and thus the fabric used for our curtains can have antimicrobial treatment.

Premium Range of Curtains for Automobiles

100% Polyester

Curtains are made from 100% polyester.

Customizations available

Available in various colours/designs

Fire Proof

Approved by ARAI to be Fire Resistant.